EMERGE Alliance : 9 universities uniting for the creation of a European Campus

EMERGE Alliance : 9 universities uniting for the creation of a European CampusThe Erasmus+ ‘European University Initiative’ programme was launched in 2019 and provided UBS and its 8 other partner universities with several opportunities to answer EUI calls for projects and thus formalise an alliance. In october 2023 the last call allowed the EMERGE consortium to prepare its project which was submitted on 6 February to the European Commission.

Together, the 9 partners aim at building a long-term joint strategy to increase inclusion and engagement from and in their respective territories all located far from decision making centres. The purpose of the alliance is to create a model of excellence in teaching, learning and research, involving students, staff and the wider community. Enlarging a network that will generate new forms of mobilities and international experiences.



  1. University of Limerick / UL - Ireland – Project coordinator
  2. University A Coruna / UDC - Spain
  3. University Rennes 2 / UR2 - France
  4. University of South Brittany / UBS - France
  5. University of Applied Sciences Inland Norway / INN - Norway
  6. Matej Bel University / UMB - Slovakia
  7. European University Flensburg / EUF - Germany
  8. Neapolis University Pafos / NUP - Cyprus
  9. Democritus University Thrace / DUTH - Greece



This partnership is conceived to better serve university networks and stakeholders through sharing best practices, methodologies and open up the field of internationalisation using synergies. 

Indeed the original identity and strength of the project is that each higher education institution, being located at the periphery of Europe, entertains a long built link with its own ecosystem and local partners. In turn providing communities with specific solutions adapted to its respective environment. These rich synergies are at the core of EMERGE and distinguish its approach from more centralised university perspectives. We consider this specific potential as key in order to impact positively student pathways and their integration into the professional spheres, but also to benefit staff and stakeholders.


To date, 50 alliances have been selected within the European University Initiatives scheme representing 430 institutions from 35 countries. The last call for projects which was launched on 3 October 2023 aims at selecting a final number of 60 alliances. 
EMERGE is currently coordinated by Limerick university. The alliance has been working together since 2019 and partners have been consistently cooperating on various projects ever since. UBS has closely worked and engaged its local partners in this adventure, ever fully committed to level up attractiveness and innovation. It is now time to keep fingers crossed as the response from the European Commission will occur next July.





Crédits bandeau : Image par Greg Montani de Pixabay

Crédits photo : Christine Chauvin