Cooperation between UBS and UniSA

Charlotte and Stephanie, visiting researchers from the University of South Australia at the Lab-STICC laboratoryCharlotte Gupta and Stephanie Centofanti are visiting researchers from Behaviour-Brain-Body Research Centre, University of South Australia, a centre that focuses on the implications of sleep and fatigue on health and performance.

Charlotte, PhD student

Charlotte is a PhD student whose research focuses on the impact of meal timing on cognitive performance during night shifts, and she is here for three months undertaking the Nicolas Baudin Internship.


Stephanie, postdoctoral researcher

Stephanie is a postdoctoral research fellow whose research focuses on countermeasures for improving sleep-loss related performance and health impairments, and she is here for two months.


Collaborative projects in the maritime domain

They will be working on combining their knowledge on sleep with UBS’s expertise on operator fatigue to design collaborative projects in the maritime space.‚Äč They are working with Philippe Rauffet, who is associate professor at the Lab-STICC laboratory.