A Successful and Inspiring EMERGE Staff Week

A Successful and Inspiring EMERGE Staff WeekA successful and inspiring EMERGE Staff Week took place from the 24th of April until the 28th of April, bringing together representatives from all full partners of the Alliance.

During the Staff Week, official representatives from each university discussed key matters related to research, education, communication as well as student representation. These topics included research collaboration, joint programmes, student mobility and exchange programs, and the communication and dissemination of EMERGE’s activities and achievements. Students also had the opportunity to exchange views and ideas on how to get actively get involved into EMERGE activities, forming the EMERGE Student Forum.

The event was hosted by Neapolis University Pafos, which is an active member of the EMERGE alliance. The Staff Week provided a valuable opportunity for representatives from each university to share their perspectives and experiences, and to identify areas where they can collaborate and learn from each other.

EMERGE is committed to promoting cooperation and innovation in higher education and research, and to building strong relationships between European universities. The Staff Week was a successful step towards achieving these goals, and we look forward to continuing to work together towards a brighter future for higher education and research in Europe.