Study abroad offer

Study abroad offerUniversité Bretagne Sud strongly encourages its students to experience study or internships abroad.

Study abroad

Nearly 500 places to study abroad are available each year. The different UBS schemes and agreements mean that the opportunity to enjoy an experience abroad is open to all.


The Erasmus+ programme

For the period 2014-2020, 78 bilateral Erasmus agreements have been signed by the University of South Brittany. Nearly 500 places are offered to students of the university through these agreements.
The Erasmus programme gives students the opportunity to travel to the different countries that have signed the agreement. This includes the 27 EU countries, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and Croatia. The length of stay varies from 3 to 12 months.


The Franco-Quebec agreement: BCI

The Bureau de Coopération Interuniversitaire (inter-university cooperation Office) programme allows UBS students to pursue their studies for a semester or a year in Quebec institutions that are partners of the BCI programme.
End of January is the final deadline for submission of applications to the International Affairs Office. For more information, visit the website.


Bilateral agreements with partner universities

Bilateral agreements allow students enrolled at UBS to study at a foreign higher education institution that has signed a bilateral agreement with UBS. UBS partners and agreements. See all UBS bilateral agreements


Our partners throughout the world


Internships abroad

More and more UBS courses include a compulsory internship. These can be done abroad. Finding an internship abroad is not easy. It involves more stringent regulations and the steps are longer.
Openness, adaptability, professional skills and good language skills are undeniable assets that will be recognised when you enter the world of work. An internship abroad is undoubtedly a very rewarding experience. It gives a potential employer assurances regardig your professional skills, a good level in a foreign language, open-mindedness and adaptability.

The International Affairs Office is at your disposal to help you with administrative procedures and to provide you with openings for internships abroad.

Internship grant applications are to be submitted to the International Affairs Office by Mid-January each year.
Check the exact date and learn more about administrative procedures (internship agreements, visa, social security cover), useful addresses etc.


Our advice

We may advise against some destinations for reasons of safety or where these destinations are prohibited (red and orange zones by country). No internship agreements will be signed by UBS for these destinations.
You are strongly recommended to read the 'Conseils aux Voyageurs' (advice to travellers) section on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development website and in particular to follow the advice in the 'Sécurité' (security) section to ensure your personal safety.

International credit mobility

Since June 2016 Université Bretagne Sud has participated in the International Credit Mobility (ICM) Erasmus+ programme launched in 2015 by the European Commission. This new programme makes it possible to cooperate with programme partner countries.
The program aims to promote international exchanges between higher education institutions for students and higher education personnel.

Specific objectives

  • For students: develop linguistic, inter-cultural and professional skills, improve employability and contribute to personal development
  • For university staff: acquire knowledge and know-how, enrich the educational content of their courses, improve their linguistic and professional skills through the exchange of best practices, develop their professional network and increase their capacity to contribute to the modernisation and the international openness of the university
  • For higher education institutions: develop their capacities, their attractiveness and their international dimension.


Student and teacher exchanges

Students have the opportunity to complete an academic semester abroad, as agreed between the partner institutions. The number of places available is limited and selection is made in consultation with partner universities based on criteria of motivation and quality of courses. The duration of the exchange is between 3 to 6 months maximum. Please note that internships could be eligible in a limited number of countries.
Teachers will complete a minimum of 8 hours per week in special subject areas defined in advance between partner universities. The duration of the exchange is between 5 and 9 days maximum.