The 8 doctoral schools

The 8 doctoral schoolsUBS participates in 8 doctoral schools in co-accreditation. Each is specialized in 8 disciplinary fields.

The teacher-Researchers at Université Bretagne Sud are attached to the eight accredited doctoral schools.

Philippe Le Masson, director of the doctoral Division




Isabelle Durand, school director Arts, Letters and Languages





Philippe Coussy, director maths and STIC School




Karine Rehel, director of the marine and Coastal Sciences School




Christine Petr, director School Economics and Management Sciences




Sandrine Thuillier, director of Science for Engineering (SPI)




François Ploux, director School Society, Time, Territory




Brigitte Lotti, director School Law and Political Science

Jacques Fischer-Lokou, director School of Education, language, Interactions, Cognition