The doctoral center

The doctoral centerThe PhD is a professional experience that allows to deepen a research topic in order to become the specialist and the Ambassador to his scientific community. You have the choice of starting, pursuing or completing a thesis within UBS, this approach leads you to be part of one of our 8 doctoral schools.

The doctoral centre coordinates doctoral studies within the university, participating in the standardization of registration, defence and mediation procedures, in particular through the establishment of a thesis charter. It promotes actions in favour of doctoral students (re-entry, mobility aid, Doctoriales, graduation ceremony). It also organizes training courses for all doctoral students.

If you would like to join UBS for your PhD

The preparation of the doctorate must be part of a personal and professional project. Indeed, the doctorate allows the person who realizes it to train in careers oriented towards private research and innovation. More than a diploma, the doctoral degree allows the doctoral student to promote a 3-year professional experience in the field of research and to acquire a set of professional skills.
To register as a thesis, you must have chosen a thesis subject, a thesis director and a reception laboratory. If you are looking for a thesis director and a host laboratory, you can send your research project with a CV and a letter of motivation to the UBS doctoral centre: srp.pole-doctoral @ .

Learn French in PhD

On the campuses of Lorient and Vannes, the Université Bretagne Sud offers a hybrid training in French as an innovative foreign language articulated between distance courses (virtual classroom) and courses in face. You are integrated into a group of foreigners, your French language level is no longer an obstacle.

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