Jobs and careers

Jobs and careersUBS employs 900 personnel including 500 lecturers and research fellows together with 400 administrative, technical and library staff. The university has introduced a policy designed for integrating new employees and to support the careers and quality of life of its staff. Here you can find our recruitment offers, job vacancies and work / study training programmes.

UBS submitted its application for the HR Excellence in Research Award in 2019. The university has an on-going and long-standing commitment to improve its practices and services for research fellows, researchers and its staff as a whole. This approach is consistent with the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. UBS is currently in the preliminary stage of this process and is waiting for its application to be assessed.

The various stages of the recruitment process for research fellows and researchers, from the recruitment phase to the appointment phase, are governed by a body of national texts or texts issued by the university. In line with the OTM-R policy, UBS incorporates the principles of the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Research Fellows and Researchers.

Guidelines for Open, Transparent and Merit-Based Recruitment at UBS

Our job offers

Are you looking for a lecturing position?
Are you looking for an administrative or technical role?
We would like to remind you that all public sector job offers are conditional on (i) the candidate enjoying full civil rights; and (ii) having a criminal record (Bulletin 2) that does not include any convictions that are incompatible with the performance of his or her duties.

Arriving at the university

The university organises a special open day at the start of every academic year to help new staff integrate. The agenda includes a guided tour of the campus; an introduction to the university’s different services; the handing over of various documents; a briefing; and an opportunity to socialise.

The university issues a membership card to all employees. This card or pass provides access to the resources of the UBS university libraries and sports facilities. It can also be used to pay for meals in the CROUS university restaurants (including in other departments).

UBS: one of the largest employers in southern Brittany

  • Over 900 staff including 500 lecturers and research fellows as well as 400 administrative, technical and library staff
  • More than 1,500 external and professional lecturers (including approximately 1,000 temporary lecturers)

The three university campuses in Vannes, Lorient and Pontivy host a total of almost 10,000 people – students and staff – every year. The university implements a policy of integrating and supporting its staff throughout their careers.

Easy access to the work place

  • Several parking areas are available near the university buildings. Badges are issued giving access to the places reserved for staff
  • The campuses are served by the public transport network
  • Bicycles are made available to students and staff to make it easier for pedestrians to move about the different campuses

Training programmes for staff

The university offers all its staff a programme of training courses and workshops. It spends a total of over € 100,000 every year and trains around 300 course participants.
Training programmes are offered in various fields: preparation for competitive exams, skills development, personal development, management, office IT and management applications, and health and safety at work. DIF (the individual right to training) can be used at UBS to accumulate 20 hours of training a year over six years. It may also be used for developing skills in numerous areas.
The university’s skills training service also offers made-to-measure support for lecturers to help educate them about – and try out – new practices such as virtual classrooms and interactive ballot boxes.

Occupational health and safety service

The university has at its disposal a doctor tasked with preventing occupational health problems. Depending on the professional and personal situation of each employee, medical care is provided throughout his or her career at UBS. A medical visit is also organised for all new staff.
The university has at its disposal a social worker who can address the personal, family, professional or financial difficulties of staff. The social worker is bound by professional rules of confidentiality, including confidential interviews.
The university plays a role in supporting staff with disabilities both during recruitment and in the course of their careers by, for example, adapting their work station or offering specific training.

Sports activities

The Department of Physical Activities and Sports has a varied programme, including team and individual sports, winter and summer sports, and indoor and outdoor activities. The list of activities you can participate in includes badminton, golf, dancing and rowing. A preferential rate of € 30 to € 50 is offered to UBS staff members (subject to availability).

Access to libraries

All university staff may borrow or consult millions of books and other documents in the library: the databases are accessible via the web together with newspapers, magazines, films, videos, atlases, maps, etc. The three university libraries are open Monday to Thursday from 8am to 7:30pm and on Fridays until 7pm. Staff and doctoral students may borrow up to 20 books and documents for two months.

Catering service

Each campus has a university restaurant and cafeterias. The UBS membership card can be used to pay for meals. It can be recharged online on the IZLY website. The university has chosen to subsidise a part of meals in line with the earnings index (INM), as shown on pay slips, to ensure that prices are as low as possible. When the university restaurants are closed, access to other dining areas is offered (the Agora in Lorient and admin restaurant in Vannes).

Cultural life and associations

The university is developing a policy of social and cultural activities for all its staff.
The CEZAM card is available to all employees. This is a nationwide discount card (for culture, tourism and leisure activities), and is accepted by many partners throughout France. Staff can benefit from reduced rates for certain shows, the cinema, various purchases, etc. See
The university notifies staff about the availability of social housing and social benefits (subsidies for children's holidays, money vouchers (chèque emploi), assistance, etc.).
The university organises a range of events and activities for staff.

  • A staff day: where various challenges and having fun are the watchwords, with an opportunity to discover our region’s heritage
  • The Lorientaise, Vannetaise and Litoral 56 running races. UBS also supports employee engagement in public sporting events
  • The Christmas tree celebrations are an opportunity for parents and children to spend the afternoon together watching a show followed by light refreshments
  • Workshops are organised for staff and students on cooking, engraving, etc
  • The New Year’s ceremony and university prize day are special times when we meet up with our social and economic partners. The evening is also an opportunity to honour employees who have distinguished themselves