Faculty of Law, Economics and Management

Faculty of Law, Economics and ManagementOur Faculty of Law, Economics and Management in Vannes welcomes around 2000 students each year.

We have 60 teachers/researchers and 200 guest speakers (legal experts, accountants, senior executives, bankers etc) who offer a wide range of courses and share their professional expertise from Bachelor level to Master level in Law, Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Sales, Applied Economics and Corporate Management.

Undergraduate and Postgraduates Degrees


  • Law
  • Applied economics

Vocational Bachelors: Human Resources, Banks, Finance and Insurance, Agri-Business.

  • Law department
    • Public Law (government tenders, environmental issues, urban planning, policy)
    • Private Law (family law, contracts, fiscal legislation, corporate law)
  • Institute of Management
    • Accounting, Control and Audit
    • Organisational Management and Auditing Information Systems
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Human Resources
    • Banking and Financial Advice
    • Wealth Management

Doctorates (PhD)

What are our three key areas of strengths?

Our Faculty is very close to our local, regional, national and international companies and public institutions, and our students enjoy one of the highest employment rates which places it in the top ten French universities for professional insertion (Source: French Higher Educational Department, Le Monde Newspaper). 

We train students in both classical full-time mode and or “alternance” co-op mode (Voc Ba or Voc Ma), most students training in full-time mode have 8 to 20 weeks of compulsory internships.

Lifelong learning

The University also caters for mature age students who wish to upskill or retrain. The Faculty acknowledges Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (in French “Valorisation des Acquis de l’Experience” (VAE). 

More detailed information in French about the Faculty