Admissions Most of the courses offered by Université Bretagne Sud are open to international students provided they have a good academic record and a sufficient level of French.

Required language level

Level C1 is required for courses taught in literature, languages, the humanities and social sciences and law, economics & management. B2 is sufficient for other courses. Refer to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


Individual students: application files
Individual students must take responsibility for the entire process personally by ensuring that procedures and schedules are followed.

  • Application for admission to License 1 (first year of undergraduate degree)
  • Application for admission to the DUT (technical degree); only for applicants from non-CEF countries
  • Application for admission to License 2, License 3, Master 1, Master 2 and the ENSIBS School of Engineering
  • Programa especial para estudiantes de habla hispana: 'Maestria en Ingenieria de Sistemas Complejos y Ciberseguridad' (GEII). For further information:
  • Trinational Masters in Regional and European Project Management
  • Masters in Francophonie, Multilingualism and Intercultural Mediation (FPMI)
  • French as a Foreign Language Course


Exchange students: application files

To participate in an exchange program and study at UBS you must first contact the international affairs department of your university to obtain a mobility agreement.

  • Either by downloading the Erasmus+ Student file: Erasmus+ study contract
  • Or by filling out the non Erasmus+ Student file  Exchange Agreement

UBS courses

Clicking on this link will take you to the description of the various courses offered by the institution. This will give you an overview of UBS in terms of its courses and/or research.

The academic calendar

Each department sets the dates of semesters at the latest in June preceding the academic year:

  • 1 to 15 September: induction
  • 15 September to 15 January: Semester 1
  • 15 January to 30 May: Semester 2

Induction days

The aim of the induction period in early September (from the 1st to the 10th) is to support all UBS foreign students by providing:

  • Assistance in administrative procedures
  • Help in finding a home
  • French courses
  • Meeting other foreign students
  • One or two cultural visits