UBS networks

UBS NetworksUniversité Bretagne Sud works continuously with various networks to offer the best mobility opportunities.

Université Bretagne Loire

Université Bretagne Loire groups together 7 universities, 15 grandes écoles (prestige higher education institutions) and 5 research organisations in Brittany and Pays de la Loire.
This community of universities and institutions aims to develop the scientific and academic potential of this geographical area at national and international level.

Campus France

Campus France is a public institution responsible for promoting French higher education abroad and welcoming foreign students and researchers to France. It encourages international mobility, manages scholarship programs and organises the alumni network.

Agence universitaire de la Francophonie

A worldwide association of French-speaking higher education and research institutions, the AUF federates 850 universities on all continents from more than 100 countries.


Université Franco-allemande

The UFA is a network of 186 French and German higher education institutions offering a total of 183 integrated bi-national and trinational courses, welcoming some 6,500 students every year.

Campus de Excelencia Internacional del Mar (CEI·MAR)

CEI MAR first received funding in 2011 and now structures marine activity in Andalusia, centralising specialised knowledge and rapidly becoming an international benchmark in teaching and research in marine issues in the fields of science and engineering and the humanities. Centralisation through CEI·MAR enables the channelling of solutions to the societal challenges arising from the marine environments in both ocean basins connected by the Strait of Gibraltar.
CEI·MAR is a meeting point and centre for collaborative projects between researchers and institutions. It is a campus that continually strives for excellence and aims to be at the forefront of activities in its field. It has become a specialised and creative campus, committed to its institutions, geographical area and society. It is also a diverse, international and multicultural campus, both supportive and sustainable. It is a campus for all and of all.
CEI·MAR is a unique project that forms the broad grouping, the ‘Campus del Mar’.